Few things give you the pleasure of being transparent, like a book. Yours truly, for example. Looking right through something is difficult when you’re in the real world. Privileges of the synthetic world make us forget how rare transparency really is. Look in the water. You can sort of grab it, but ultimately it muddies the picture too much – you can’t look at the bottom of the ocean, light just doesn’t reach. You can look straight through air, so it’s kinda boring. You can look through something that has a hole in it, but it only means that particular something has been violated in some way. When matter itself has a visually intangible but solid nature, we marvel. It mimics the freedom of the open, but is only meant to serve its master and deceive its target. Light is our ultimate master. Without it, we wouldn’t exist. It is very useful. So, we like it. We like seeing what it does to things, and we like the things that eat it. We eat the things that eat the light. We also eat the things that eat the things that eat the light. We synthesize stuff from it, too. Transparency violates that law. Transparent things vomit light, it’s almost as though they were light themselves. And so being able to read something fiber by fiber turns out to be an almost religious experience, as though light was cutting, dissecting and feeding it to us directly. Now, since we’re on the topic of politics, I’m gonna go ahead and put something out there. Have you ever “won” a fight? Did it feel good? It probably did. I got to thinking, if humans are usually prone to conflict, and victory tastes good, doesn’t it follow that maybe some people enjoy winning? This is a foreign concept to me. Growing up with vidya ultimately led to me being impartial to victory – no competitive drive whatsoever. Obviously, ending up homeless meant I had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and eventually had to correct for this habit. But the fact remains that being something or someone means having a drive, and that drive is sometimes recognized and rewarded with medals or pats in the heads or whatever, and that’s fine. But what the fuck kinda fucked up thing it must be to win money because you’re someone convincing. Imagine you just happen to stumble into a coherent or kindly regarded train of thought which carries you into an accommodated, proper lifestyle, only to discover later its all built on lies. Humanity’s progress has allowed the existence of people whose main source of capital is belief.

Looks like it’s time to start believing.


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