MEET vol.2

MEET vol.2

The World Famous “JAPANESE AIDS PARTY”! – Lunatic Mode –

(click for the link)

• 63 songs

• Running time: 4:10:36.328

Meet 2 was originally conceived as a test or a challenge. You’re not meant to listen to it in one go, and is in fact designed to make you either skip the current song or stop listening. In the end, it turned out to have some flaws, but it still serves its purpose. This is not the one you start with – rather, you recommend this one last. It’s the gatekeepiest of meets, the meet all-end all, pros only.

I’ll be completely honest here and admit that each song’s volume is determined by a ReplayGain algorithm, and as such it may be imperfect. Ain’t no way I’m messing with 60 songs’ levels. For those who know, I’m using a foobar plugin, it seems, and also the “per-file track gain” option, as opposed to the “album gain” option, along with some other settings.

Anyway, do try to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to skip songs or stop listening, but if you do quit, you should at least remember where you left off.

El meet 2 es un chiste. Escúchenlo solo si están aburridos de su vida. No me digan que no les advertí.

Here’s a hikkii fact: I gave the notebook containing this one’s cover to the one girl that is featured in most of the articles of this site (as of writing). There wasn’t anything really special in that notebook (the one I have now is a lot prettier), but hopefully she liked the gesture. It’s been 4 full months since I last saw her… I still use most of her features for my characters. I still dream about her – about seeing her again. This stupid town will always have something for me as long as she’s in it. My mom lives here, too. Hi mom.


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