There’s no “we” in “shower”

I do like having baths, I promise.
I just like it too much, that’s all.
Entrenched in a cube, plywood sheets shaped like a rhombus.
Thanks, I can stop reading the walls on the stall.
“A negative thought a day keeps the mind at bay”,
remarks on a bitter spray Saint Thomas.

When the keyword is lazy you may have an issue.
Let’s travel far into the depths of the surface.
I still love you, don’t forget to give back my tissue.
Oh how a silly sound can move the biggest Tarkus.

Yes, that word almost barely exists.

Jesus Christ my lord and savior
Please forgive this shameless sinner.
Oh how I’ve walked you gracious fields, arrogant, mean and meaner
Yes I just lied: “out of bed” is odd behavior.

Speak of me and the devil, it’s all the same
For the god in me I keep locked, buried and shamed.

Let us speak then of you and I
No other thought in the world serves as well as thy.

Please serve, feed, clothe and care
Lest the times end with desire to spare

Now the sheets are stained with wine, oh cruel fate
Entropy will serve you well, you ungrateful raw steak.

An immortal skeleton lives on
Defying life and creating six trines
For living is to stagger times
And death just means it’s born.

Celestial wisdom, prime mover
Much we don’t know, even less we pretend to
But one thing is for sure, a deep true
Thanks for them curves, you nasty old boomer.


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