Imagine someone is littering in front of you. What do you say?

Should we just pick it up? Maybe. I know it didn’t feel like something I wanted to do, for I mind my litter.

So, what? I guess I should have said something, right? Do my part in upholding the American way of life: Violence. I definitely would have liked to, but I’m a bit of a coward for the sake of appearances, at the very least. A courtesy for the atmosphere.

What about no courtesy for the atmosphere whatsoever? In that case, you’d be talking about isolation. Locking yourself into a state of non-responsiveness. Minding your own business means to genuinely stop caring. Obviously, we know it is impossible to do so, because ceasing to care is impossible. Care, pain, love, smiles, hunger, etc, everything is a function of the same system. You do not, ever, cease to be human.

Let’s talk about the Chimera Ants arc now.

Remember that flashback where Netero went up into the mountains?

He was already a fighter. He decided to go up the mountain, into the giant clearing in the middle of the forest, and practice his “punches of gratefulness”. He would do an impossibly big amount of punches each day, to show his appreciation for what the martial arts lifestyle did for him. So, he stays there for 2 years. Rain and shine, he would do his punches. There were probably days where even he couldn’t make the number before midnight. Then he would begin at sunrise, to be finished by sundown. Eventually, he’d be over with his routine with enough time to rest for (almost) the entirety of the day. All 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds of it. 10.000 punches. The narrator adds: “At age 50, Netero had undergone a complete metamorphosis.”

No, he did not eat.

I’ve been thinking about my own deeper need. The need to write something really cool: An investigation.

The only problem is deciding what to do it about.

I’ve been meaning to descend into lower spheres for a while now. Let’s make it a reality. Let’s make our dreams come true.

Happily ever after,



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