Voidzone Annex

¿Alejarme y respetar tu relación? Tú debes respetarte sola, yo no te debo nada. Si te respetas, me quieres, o no. No es mi problema. Aún.


unspecified date

Here’s a rare artifact. An untouched remnant of what I once thought. The story behind this one is complicated and borders on too personal, since I’d have to type out her words and that’s just not my style.

I ended messing up my own mind, battling an invisible boyfriend for a nonexistent relationship. Now I’ve gone and broken myself a bit. Darn it. “Quien a hierro mata a hierro termina”, also known as “Qui gladio ferit gladio perit“.

Okay, validation time. I was always respectful of it. Don’t doubt it for a second.

Polaco, 01-01-2020

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