Everybody knows counterculture is going against the actual counterculture and promoting normalcy or, in other words, production.

As such, is it our sworn duty to set parameters.

Let us acknowledge opinions such as the possibility of happiness without rules. Okay, now let’s explain how we’re going to approach this. Theoretical framing, or maybe just my backstory.

– As always we go back to the basics: Maslow’s.

– To be alive, we need food, water, and sex.

– Not dying is also helpful, but only a privilege.

– – – – – – – – – –

– Always remember to dot your lines.

– I carry two knives permanently, thankfully I’ve never had to use them.

– 12 dollars rent.

– Be or have a man.

Ok, that’s our manifesto right there. That’s your Polaco’s list of needs.

Let’s talk about time control. Think about it in fantasy terms first. What is the hardest thing to do time-wise? Go back in time. Turn the arrow around. So you’re getting old. Wrinkles, beauty fades. You offset it with civilization’s achievements, because we know it happens to you, and we love you and would rather see you well. Self sufficiency is not a myth, but there are severe consequences to any choice. Marry, and feels the pains of continence. Be alone, and achieve what any man can make. Because it’s not about wants, it’s about choices. Choices come after wants. One is the mental part, and the other the practicality that comes from it. You want something, then execute.

Now, you want something. Someone else wants another thing. Someone else also profits, so they will try and convince you that you want their thing. You look at someone, and you want something from them. Since you’re a unique product (not a special one, mind you), you’ll always see things that are different. And you will wish you were different.

Guess what, bitch. You’ll never stop being you. You may grow more mass, you may create value, but you’re not gonna stop living as you are right now. If anything, it’s just going to get worse. Here’s a disclaimer: All of the above things are fine and valid. Assuming a pro-survival stance is only natural, if you enjoy being alive.

Let us enjoy being alive then. Here’s a toast to what evolving means, to what it entails. Let us be thankful for legs and curves.

This brings us to the next point: What to do if you’re a man and it’s the summer season. Girls like to hang out with their legs showing.

Here’s one for equality: men don’t wear skirts. Wanna know why? Because they’re fucking ugly. Wanna know why girls wear skirts? Cuz they’re fucking hot.

Okay, enough for today’s lesson. You still have a lot to learn, and so do I.

Your homework this time is simple.

Bring me the severed heads of every dog you meet, and of the children of every single person that gave you a hard time today.

Good evening.



PS Because “neo-quo” always sounds too goofy.

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