December 9 and 10 collection


Push the accelerator.

Excuse me, I meant the “gas.”

Hit the gas.

Watch out for the redline!

Just kidding. Most vehicles have a built in protection. A rev limiter.

Still. Push it to at least the last white number, every so often.

Now. Downshifting. It almost feels like a lost art.

Try it once if you want to feel frustrated. Get it right once, feel the rush. Master high revolutions and downshifting to unlock a new world of control. The best upgrade a car can get is its driver.

Let’s move on to lines.

You’re supposed to “pick a line” while cornering.

Look as far as you can into the corner, using both your eyes and your mind.

Trace the best possible curve your car can ride on. Usually, it means entering from outside and scraping the inner edge on the apex. Here’s a diagram to help you visualize it.


The idea is to stick to the line, which means locking the steering. No sudden jerks while in-curve allowed.

Remember to accelerate gradually out of the curve. Don’t wanna spin out!

Just kidding. Most curves have a built in protection. A containment barrier, also known as rev limiter, too.

Something hides behind the curve. It’s her. It’s them. Females… A new toy. Must… Play…



¿Te habrás reído de mí, como nos reímos de ellos? ¿Mi pasión fue motivo de burla para ti en algún momento? Sería justo, la maldad no es gratis. “Quien a fierro mata…”

Polaco llega tarde al trabajo, y ya no le importa. Sus faltas comienzan a aflorar de nuevo. Los viejos hábitos, los malos sueños, la masturbación excesiva.

Pero, alto. Hay algo nuevo esta vez. ¿Cómo dices? No, ahora soy feliz. Así quiero ser. Esto soy.

Mi jefe señalo que tiene un índice cuyo valor varía de acuerdo a los retrasos individuales de sus subordinados. ¿Será mi problema? Quizas mi contrato diga algo al respecto… pero vencerá, de todos modos, en 3 semanas más.

So, why am I being such an asshole? Because that’s me. “There’s no point in hiding it,” he said, as he hid his words behind the language barrier. The truth is I’ve got nothing to lose, maybe for the first time in my life. There’s no “ifs” or “buts,” I can do whatever I want. The price I paid? My sexual market value, and my net worth. Losing one means I can’t get laid, losing the other means I can’t get laid comfortably. But my hands work, and I can still fap. And fapping leads to romance, which is beautiful and the only thing worth living for.

Let us toast for romance.

Let us toast for her, also. The queen of colours and despair

for whom I’d bow if she only asked.

Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado. Gracias.

Actually, what I meant was “Thanks for the content, idiot!”

¿Qué pensaría si supiera que le escribo todos los días? Soy un chico bueno, y no le cargaría ese peso. Además se filtraría en mi lugar de trabajo actual, y eso sí que podría resultar mal.

Un beso


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