En función de la victoria

What’s the point of “winning”?

Obviously, it’s a cool thing. I hope, however, you don’t think it proves anything. Here’s the thing: winning is beneficial only to the victor. I’m a #gamer, okay? Team loyalty is only good if there’s something in it for you, isn’t it?

Am I speaking from the point of view of a homeless loser? Absolutely. I know the feeling of victory, however. I know what it feels like to be on top of things. I don’t hate success, victory, recognition, clout or destruction. I welcome it. What I don’t appreciate is mistaking things. So if you think your favorite X 12 year-old super world tennis nobel prize winning superstar is some sort of statement on anything other than personal success, you’re in for a spanking.

The message is clear. We don’t have anything on winners. Millionaires, athletes, builders, superheroes. They owe it to us. We owe it to them. Shut up about it, and work harder. Pay tribute like you should, scum.

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