En función de la tentación

English opens doors, or so they say.

So, anyway, I watched a 1791 video on Kanye West’s as of right now latest album “JESUS IS KING.” It spoke of how the successful artist has likely struggled getting over temptation, seeing as how he is basically infinitely rich and could afford most conceivable vices. Inconceivable ones, too. And so, I started thinking about the issue myself. Temptation. Let’s define it first. According to a little Wikipedia box in the google results:

Temptation is a desire to engage in short-term urges for enjoyment, that threatens long-term goals.

We’ll use this one because it serves our purposes.

Let’s establish normalcy before we delve further into anything. We’ll call “normal” a human being that dedicates at least 30 hours a day performing some action that allows it to cover its basic maintenance expenses. Now comes the dangerous part: Should we also establish discontent as a base? We’ll just assume that everyone can do better. Let’s say “normal” requires you to be unhappy in at least one way. Let’s say we could all do with some more money, and anything that MAY interfere with our goals of either procuring our usual income, or producing even more income, counts as a bad thing. For example, say you drank too much last night, and now you can’t go to work because you’re still dizzy. That would be a bad thing.

Right, now that we’ve clarified what “bad” means, and what “normal” is, we can proceed to define what a “temptation” is, and how it helps shape society, just as any real thing does.

Say you’re tempted to cheat. Imagine you’re in a relationship, or don’t if you are, and you feel compelled for X reasons to cheat on your boy/girl/whatevsfriend. Would that constitute a temptation? It depends. Is your current SO providing whatever it is that you need? Let’s say for example you’re just going out. If you’re a young couple, what you’re likely to need is nothing more than clout, sex, and physical touching to both validate yourself and your ideas. Because that’s what young couples do. So what if, in this case, you suddenly find someone else attractive? What if all of a sudden you crave a different dick for your asshole? Would that constitute temptation? Here’s this author’s humble opinion: it’s not. Yes, I’m saying fuck whomever you want. Next.


Jesus christ my head starts to hurt when I think about this. Not THIS, mind you, I’m talking about the time I asked this chick out at work, for LUNCH, and she said “no,” then I spilled my guts to her like a fucking beta, and all I managed to get out of her was something about “disliking the idea of committing.” Now, the pain could have ended here, but no. Some time later I saw her again, since we were just brought in as replacements and weren’t on an indefinite contract, and my whole day just collapsed in on itself. I started crying on the job like a little bitch (obviously I didn’t let anyone catch me), so after work was over I hit up a local bar and wrote up some shitty letter. Then I gave it to her, and it really did feel like a weight off my back. Now, the letter was really bad. I think I’ve done much better without even trying, but the thing is I mentioned the fucking “compromise” thing, brief as though it might have been. Now obviously this bitch was seeing someone, and is nowadays currently “officially” dating the guy. The point is, don’t stick around after being rejected. Otherwise you’ll look like a fucking beta asshole.

Moving on. What if you’re in need of a strong commitment? Then maybe you’re looking to be supported financially, or perhaps you’re looking to get pumped full of cum to make little babies, or maybe you need a ring around your finger to truly feel the leashes of love around your body. Let’s say you’re in this situation, and you suddenly find yourself someone else who IS willing to ride bareback, or is a sucker for marriage, or can be easily swayed to pull out their wallets. Would you be facing temptation in this case? Is it possible that your subconscious would simply be reacting to what it senses as something that tickles it far more than what it currently has? Could this behavior possibly be considered a moral “crime” in any scenario? Let’s continue to the next scenario quickly so we can get this over with.

You’re now married. Your ringed other is not fulfilling some part of their (perceived) contract. However you want to put it, it’s just not working. Let’s take it a step further. Maybe it’s not even about the other person. Maybe you just like cucking your SO. Are you then succumbing to temptation if you were to, say, break your vows and fuck someone else? Yes. This is the only instance where temptation works in a couples context. Is this a bad thing? Well… from a societal standpoint, if you’ve already provided your share of beautiful arian offspring to the world, you might as well fall into a ditch and die eaten by worms, since your usefulness as far as “big picture evolution stuff” goes has pretty much been fulfilled. If you’re thinking about it in “decency,” “faithfulness,” “happiness,” or any other such made up terms, you’re likely to get at least a bit hurt.

Here’s something to think about though: Would any of this encroach upon your ability to produce? Most likely, you’re going to suffer at the very least some form of social repercussion, it being more severe in the latter case, and mostly harmless on the first one. Even a bad look could have some potential negative effect upon your psyche, which could eventually lead to you under-performing. So, we could safely classify this as “bad,” even if you yourself might not feel anything from it. The solution then would be to avoid these kinds of situations: Remain faithful, don’t think about fucking other guys with bigger wallets, or girls with bigger noses, and just stay put. Worst case scenario, you end any relationship when it’s due, even if it’s at the cost of children. Easy.

Now, I realize I may be just pulling you around some dumb words without providing you concrete answers, so let me do something for you. Let me tell you about myself. This is where we sound the #EGO alert, and you can just log off right here if you’re not into this psychotherapy bullshit. We’ll elaborate more on this issue of “temptation” later, since it can be quite complex, not to mention boring, to try and name every single pitfall we may encounter in life.

Temptation is sin. Sin is bad. But what does this mean exactly? It means you need to establish the good first, to be able to establish the bad. So what if you haven’t established the good? Then you’re fucked, like me. I’ll explain everything on a later show. Happy blogging you bastards.

14 noviembre 2019

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